The Employee Payslip Kiosk is a FREE service from CloudPayroll® that lets you:-
  • View your Payslips.
  • Print a Tax Summary Report (Earnings Summary).
  • Submit Leave Requests.
  • Receive an email whenever you have been paid.
  • Advise any changes to your personal details.

Viewing your Payslip

Payslip Kiosk

Enter your Payslip ID to view your payslip
Payslip ID


  • Get a printed copy of your payslip (from your employer).
  • Find your Payslip ID (it is printed near the bottom of your payslip).
  • Enter your Payslip ID into the Login form to the left.
  • Press the View Payslip button.

Requesting Leave

  • Note: This feature is only available if it has been enabled by your employer.
  • After you have logged into the Kiosk, you can select the "Request Leave" tab and submit a Leave Request.
  • Your manager or payroll person will be advised, and will then approve or decline your leave request.
  • You will be emailed when your leave request is approved (or declined), or you can check back in the Kiosk.
  • You may also have a Leave Calendar tab where you can review Leave requested and taken by other people in your organisation. (Note: The Calendar is only available if it has been explicitly enabled by your employer).

Subscribing to Emails

  • After you have logged into the Kiosk, you can complete the "Kiosk Options" displayed below your payslip.
  • We will then send you an email whenever you are paid, and you can then return to the Kiosk to view your new Payslip.

Past Payslips and Tax Summaries

  • The Kiosk holds your complete payslip history. Select the "Payslip History" tab to view any payslip.

Changing your Employee Details

  • After you have logged into the Kiosk, you can send an email to the payroll person within your organisation advising them of any changes.
  • This can be used for any changes to your personal details, for example a change of address or a new bank account number.

Security and Privacy

  • Only you and your employer can access your information - it is secure and private.
  • We will not reveal your email address to anyone else, or use it apart from emailing you when you have been paid or your leave requests have been processed.
  • You must keep your own Payslip ID secure. Do not reveal it to anyone else. Remember that it is printed on your payslip so keep that secure too.