Opening Leave Balances for MATTHEWS, Christine (Chrissy)

Current Pay Rate:$15.0000
Est. Daily Rate $114.0000
As at Date Leave Type Hours  Days Rate Amount

Current Leave Balances

Leave Type  Tip  Outstanding
Accrued less
Balance  History
    Annual Leave 485.23 55.54 205.20 335.57  History...
    Long Service Leave 329.31 98.81 - 428.12  History...
    Sick Leave days 40.00d - 1.00d 39.00d  History...



  • Start Date for Christine (Chrissy) is 13-Jun-2001.
  • Sick Leave, Bereavement Leave and Alternative Holiday balances are recorded in days. All other leave balances are in hours.
  • You can enter multiple Annual Leave entries, one for each old leave year.
  • View the Opening Leave Balances Report for details on all people.
  • See Setting Up Leave for more information.