Our Processing Fees


It costs just $2.00 per person paid, plus $7.75 per week to use our services.

(Plus a one-off setup fee of $100.00 per organisation and $20.00 per person for the initial loading of employee details).

per Pay: $7.75 
per Person: @ $2.00 $2.00 
TOTAL: $9.75 


  • Every time you process a payroll with us, you are charged our current processing fees. These fees are included in the payroll's banking files, you do not have to pay them separately.
  • We issue an invoice, which you view and print like any other report. (A sample is shown below).
  • As a business expense, our fees are fully tax deductible.
  • All fees are in Australian dollars and exclude GST.
  • Our current fees are:
    • A one-off setup fee of $100.00 and $20.00 per person to set up an organisation and the initial loading of employees.
      This is charged when you confirm your first payroll.
    • A flat $7.75 per week per payroll processed. (i.e. You will be charged $7.75 per week if you have a weekly payroll, $15.50 per fortnight if you have a fortnightly payroll, or $33.60 per month if you have a monthly payroll).
    • $2.00 per person paid in that payroll.
    • We also pass on bank transaction fees.
      Note: If you transmit your own bank file we don't incur this charge for each individual person paid and we will only charge for any transactions that go into our bank account. (Your bank will charge their usual bank transaction fees directly to you).
  • If you choose to let us manage your superannuation, there are no additional fees for these services. (You can read more about managing super).
  • Multiple Users (after the first two) incur additional fees.
  • Other fees may be charged for additional services. For example, data entry services, ad-hoc training services, or additional implementation services.

Sample Invoice

Tax Invoice

Outback Ventures (Demo)

ABN 68 146 118 390

To  Outback Ventures (Demo)
P O Box 12345
Northern Territory
From  CloudPayroll Pty Ltd
Level 1
1 Queens Road
Melbourne, VIC 3004
Date 23-Oct-2014 Invoice sample-au-0181

Processing Fees
Payroll Run $7.75
Per Person Paid 2 @ $2.00 $4.00
Per Bank Transaction 6 @ $0.25 $1.50
Total Charges $13.25
GST 10.0% $1.33
Total $14.58