Our Processing Fees


Fees Schedule - Outback Ventures Pty Ltd

Effective From 1-Aug-2012  
Implementation Fees (One Off)
Organisation Set Up $100.00
Initial Employee Load $20.00 Per Person Set Up
Processing Fees (per Pay Run)
Payroll $7.75 Per Week
People $2.00 Per Person Paid
Bank Transactions $0.25 Per Bank Transaction


  1. All fees are in Australian dollars and exclude GST.
  2. Bank Transactions count:-
    • Each line on your Bank Schedule. (This may include one transaction for our Processing Fees and one for Collecting Commissions, if any).
    • Each line on your Bank Statement if we direct debit your account. (Processing Fees, Taxes collected, Superannuation collected and Nett pay may be separately itemised).
  3. Multiple Users (after the first two) incur additional fees.
  4. Superannuation Fee:-
    • If CloudPayroll manages your superannuation a charge of $1.00 per transaction (i.e Super Guarantee, Employer Additional, Salary Sacrifice, Member Voluntary) will be applied to your standard invoice in the month following payment to the superannuation fund(s)
    • If your superannuation payments are made monthly this will be a monthly charge
    • If your superannuation payments are made quarterly this will be a quarterly charge
  5. Other fees may be charged for additional services. For example, ad-hoc training services, customisations, one-off payrolls for adjustments to superannuation funds, excessive administration or additional implementation services.
  6. A Minimum Monthly processing fee of $35.00 applies.
  7. A Late Confirmation fee of $35.00 will be applied to payrolls confirmed after the Confirmation Deadline.
  8. Dishonoured Payrolls are not acceptable. If a Payroll debited by CloudPayroll® Ltd is dishonoured a minimum fee of $100.00 will be applied.
  9. Print this Fees Schedule.