Banking / Payment Options


There are two options for processing the actual money to pay your staff. Your Payment Method is set on your Organisation Set Up page, and determines how money leaves your organisation's bank account:-

Direct Debit

  • This is the easier and better option, as once you have confirmed your payroll with us we do the rest.
  • Using a direct debit authority we will transfer the money from your account to our client account.
  • We will then pay all of your staff, deduction agencies, IRD (if we are managing your tax), etc.
  • We will even manage any returned funds on your behalf - saving you even more time. (For example, if someone closes their BSB / Account without advising you).
  • Direct Debits are safe and secure. You provide a written authority to your bank, and we only debit payments that you have authorised.
  • Your money is held in a separate client account with the bank. (Refer to this letter from our bank).
  • You will simply see a single withdrawal on your bank statement after each pay - for the amount that you have authorised. (Note: If the "Itemise details on Bank Statement" option is selected, you will see up to three separate withdrawals - for Banking, Tax and Processing Fees).
  • You must confirm your payroll by noon one working day before pay day.
  • We will debit your BSB / Account one working day before your pay day, and process your direct credit file for you at the same time.
  • Print and complete the Direct Debit Form and Transaction Negotiation Authority (TNA) Application, and fax or post them to us.
    Without the Direct Debit authority and Transaction Negotiation Authority (TNA) we can't debit your BSB / Account.
  • Note: If for some reason you cannot provide a Transaction Negotiation Authority (TNA) we are still able to process your Direct Debit file, however you will be required to confirm your payroll by noon three working days before pay day and we will debit your BSB / Account that night.

Transmit your own Bank File

  • This is the less convenient option, but some people prefer to do the banking themselves.
  • If you have the necessary software from your bank you can download the bank file we create and transmit it to your bank yourself.
  • We support all of the file formats from the different banks.
  • You must process your direct credit file the night before pay day.
  • Contact your bank to buy their banking software to use this option.


If you are changing your Payment Method, remember to change your Organisation Set Up page too.