1. Your Own Payroll



Setting up your own secure payroll website is a straight-forward task. Once you have created a new organisation, you can immediately begin to enter information for the people you pay. Then there are only a few additional details required to complete a payroll.

Please have a look around our Sample Company before diving into setting up your own payroll. This guide assumes that you have already had a look around to get an idea of what is available, and will make a lot more sense once you have.

Like anything, a small amount of planning and preparation will make the set up even easier.


You will need to do the following:-
  1. Obtain Contact Details, BSB / Account, ABN and TFN for your organisation.
  2. Collect all the Personal and Payroll details for the people you will be paying, including Pay Rates, Tax Codes, BSB / Accounts and TFNs. You should be able to get all this information from your existing payroll records / personal files.
  3. Decide on your payment method (you can give us a direct debit authority, or transmit the bank file yourself). (More Information...).
  4. Decide who will manage your superannuation contributions. (More Information...).

Creating a new Organisation

Actually creating a new organisation is easy. Just go to the Register your own Payroll page, fill in the fields and press the 'Create a new Organisation' button. You will be taken to the Getting Started page for your new organisation, which will lead you through the remaining steps.