3. Processing a Payroll


Payroll Overview

Processing your payroll payments is easy. There are just four steps:-
  1. Open a new Payroll
  2. Enter Timesheets
  3. Print Payslips etc.
  4. Confirm Payroll
Note: This is just an introduction to paying people. If you need detailed help about processing payrolls, see Payroll Processing.

1. Open a new Payroll

Go to the Open Payroll page, enter your pay day and select who you wish to pay.

Read the the tip at the bottom of the page - this will tell you when payments must be made.

When do you process your payroll?

If your staff receive their pay in their bank accounts on Wednesday mornings, for example, you will have to process your payroll by noon on Tuesday (or earlier). We will both debit your account and process your bank file on Tuesday night to deposit the money into peoples accounts.
Note: If you transmit your own file to your bank a later cut-off time will apply, depending on your bank.
Once you have entered the details, press the 'Open a new Payroll' button. There may be a small delay while your Timesheet Templates are copied over into this new payroll, and then you will be taken to the Enter Timesheets screen.

2. Enter Timesheets

Timesheet Entry is where you do most of the work - actually entering the details to pay each person. Hopefully you have set up your Timesheet Templates so you are only entering the transactions that change each pay.

All of the timesheets in this payroll are displayed on this page. From here you can quickly:-

  • Change or delete a timesheet, just by selecting the person.
  • Add people into this payroll, by pressing the button at the bottom of the list.
  • Call up a person's Payslip - on the spot, without 'running a pay'!
  • See the Hours Worked and Gross Pay, for a person or for the entire payroll.
  • View more detailed reports:- Hours Worked, Payroll Summary and Transaction List.
You will find that a lot more help is available for entering timesheets and calculating various payments. Explore the help as you are changing timesheets and entering transactions, or refer to the Timesheets help topic.

3. Print Payslips etc.

After entering all of your payments on the Timesheet Entry page, you can print your payslips and other reports here.

The Payroll Control report that is displayed is a useful overview of your payroll. You should check that the various totals on this report are as you would expect. Many of the items listed in this report summarise other reports, and you can follow the links within this report (and many others), to easily get at additional information. This is a good time to explore, and you will discover that a lot of useful information is readily available.

There are also links to Print All Payslips and some other reports.

4. Confirm Payroll

Go to the Confirmation Page when you are happy with your payroll and ready to make payment.

Note: When you try to go to the Confirmation Page, you may first be asked to enter some additional information, for example the BSB / Account or TFN for your organisation. You will not be able to confirm your payroll until we have all of the information that we need to process your payroll.

Once you have reviewed the information on this page, press the button at the bottom to confirm your payroll. Another page will be displayed, so that you know that your payroll has been confirmed.

If you have selected the Direct Debit payment method, thats all you have to do. Otherwise you will have to send the money to us or your bank - the page will contain full details of what you need to do.


Thats it! We have designed CloudPayroll® to be very easy to get started with, set up and use, while still providing a lot of power and flexibility. Our aim is always to provide you with an efficient and effective way to pay people, and we hope you will enjoy using our services.


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