4. Confirm the Payroll


Go to the Confirmation Page when you are happy with your payroll and ready to make payment.

The deadline for Confirming has passed.
1.  Check Details
  Money Out CloudPayroll® Ltd will Direct Debit $1,192.49 from your Bank of Queensland account on 23-Oct-2014: Thursday.
  Total Value of Payroll $1,304.49  Tip 

Note: When you try to go to the Confirmation Page, you may first be asked to enter some additional information, for example the bank account or IRD number for your organisation. You will not be able to confirm your payroll until we have all of the information that we need to process your payroll.

Once you have reviewed the information on this page, press the button at the bottom to confirm your payroll. Another page will be displayed, so that you know that your payroll has been confirmed.

If you have selected the Direct Debit payment method, that's all you have to do. Otherwise you will have to send the money to us or your people - the page will contain full details of what you need to do.

Automatic Payrolls

If you have a small and simple payroll, you may wish to use our Automatic Payroll facility. This allows your payroll to be processed for you every pay day - automatically.

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