Changing timesheets


To change a person's pay you will change their timesheet. To see a person's timesheet, select their name from on the Enter Timesheets page. (If the person doesn't appear on the list, add a new Timesheet).

Qty    Description Cost Centre Rate Amount  
28.50 hrs 
T1 - Ordinary Time
2000 16.0000 $456.00
9.50 hrs 
T1 - Ordinary Time
1000 16.0000 $152.00
9.50 %
SUPER - Superannuation Contribution
825 6.0800 -$57.76  
  BT Super for Life
AL20 - Annual Leave Ent. Balance 198.77
2000 20days pa -  
SICK10G - Sick Leave Ent. Balance 40.00d
2000 10days pa -  
LSL43 - Long Service Leave Ent. Balance 428.25
2000 21.7days -  
PAYG - PAYG Withholding
9000 Scale 2 -$60.00  
BANK - Take Home Pay to 303000 / 123456
BANK Take Home -$548.00  
hrs Total for 20-Oct-2014 to 26-Oct-2014 Gross Pay $608.00  
To Add Payments, Leave or Deductions:-

Changing Timesheets - Options

  1. To Change an existing transaction in the timesheet, select the line you wish to change.
  2. To Add a new transaction to the timesheet, enter the Quantity, select a Payment / Deduction from the drop-down list and press the Add button.
  3. To Delete the entire timesheet, press the Remove this Timesheet button. (which is displayed under the timesheet, on the timesheet entry page).
  4. Links above the timesheet let you perform many other actions...
  5. You can view and change notes for a person.
  6. You can alter a person's Paid To Date, useful for advances and leave without pay.
  7. The Personal File for this person is displayed below the timesheet. This gives you quick access to make other changes to this person.

Transaction Types / Standard Elements

Each transaction is of a certain type, called an element. For example it may be a T1 (Ordinary Time) payment, AL (Annual Leave), or a PSIS deduction.

All the elements are listed in the drop-down list when you are adding or changing an individual timesheet transaction. For example, here is a drop-down list of all of the standard elements that are always available.

Timesheet Templates

It is important to remember that when you are changing a person's timesheet within a payroll that it does not effect their Timesheet Template.

  • To make a change for this payroll only, change the timesheet from the Enter Timesheet page.
  • To make a change for all future pays after this payroll, change the Timesheet Template only.
  • To make a change for all future pays including this payroll, change both the Timesheet Template and Current Timesheet.
    (Alternatively, change the Timesheet Template before you Open the payroll).