Personal Details


The Personal Details page for a person contains basic personal and payroll information about a person. Enter the relevant information and press the 'Save Personal details' button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

First Name(s) Enter the person's First Name, or Names.
Tip Enter a preferred name or nickname in brackets, for example 'William (Bill)'. You can sort on this name when viewing personal files, and it may be used in mail merges.
Surname Enter the person's Surname (or family name).
Address Enter the person's address for contact purposes. This is displayed on their payslip.
State Enter the person's State.
eMail Enter the person's eMail address.
Tip After saving an eMail address for a person you can click on the eMail link to send that person an email.
Phone Number Enter the person's Phone Number. This is used in the Staff Phone List.
Gender Enter their gender. This is used in the Quarterly Employment Survey.
Proprietor Tick this box if the person is a proprietor of this organisation. This is also used in the Quarterly Employment Survey.
Job Tile Enter their job title (e.g. this is what would be displayed on their business card).
Start Date Enter their Start Date (e.g. 5-Dec-2000). This is used to calculate their length of service, and is important for leave calculations.
Finish Date If the person has finished, their finish date will be displayed. You can read more about finishing a person.
Workplace This is your User Defined Field, which you can select from the drop-down list.
Pay Method Select how the person is paid (usually Bank - via direct credit into a nominated BSB / Account, but can also be via Cheque or Cash).

Note: Select the option for the persons remaining pay here, even if they have a fixed amount going to a nominated BSB / Account. Fixed amount deductions to a BSB / Account are set up using a PBA - Personal BSB / Account deduction on the persons

Timesheet Template
The regular/recurring transactions that are stored in a person's Personal details and copied into every payroll. (See Timesheet Templates).
BSB / Account Enter the BSB / Account that this person receives their pay into. (You can leave this blank if the person's Payment Method is Cash or Cheque).
Paid Up To This displays the date the person has been paid up to, and is updated each time a payroll is closed, according to the dates on the Open Payroll page. You can also select the Paid Up To link to change a person's paid up to date. This is useful for advances or leave without pay.
Pay Rates Enter the person's pay rates here. (Usually just enter Pay Rate and Full Time Hours). You can read more about Pay Rates.
Tax Information Enter the person's tax information here. (Usually just select the Pay Frequency, Tax Scale and TFN). You can read more about Tax.
Pay Frequency Note: The "Weekly (2)", etc. pay frequencies may be used if you have groups of people paid on the same frequency but paid at different times or with different paid-to dates. For example, use "Fortnightly" and "Fortnightly (2)" if people are paid fortnightly, half paid each week.
Timesheet Notes You can enter anything you like here.
Tip These notes are also displayed when you are entering timesheets for a person and a useful place to record reminders, e.g. that a person is due a pay increase on a certain date.
More Notes Follow the link to display the Notes page where you can enter additional notes for a person.
Note: These notes can be used for anything you like, for example performance reviews, next of kin contact details, medical notes or training courses completed.