Multiple Users


Multiple Users can be set up within each organisation, with differing security access as required.

Security Options for User Names

  1. Every organisation is initially created with a default User Name (i.e. sample-au) that has full access to view, add, change and delete all information.
  2. Enquiry-only User Names allow full access to view all information, but cannot add, change or delete anything.
  3. User Names can be restricted to some Personal Files only. This is based on the User Defined Field so that you can set up access by department or location, for example.
  4. We can also set up which users have permission to Confirm Pays. Please contact us if you want to set up a "two-step process" to confirm pays.
  5. Other security roles are also available, contact us for details.

For security purposes, we set up additional users on your behalf. Please contact us if you want us to set up additional users for your organisation.