Reporting Groups


Reporting Groups are a powerful feature that allow you to set up your own table-driven reporting fields for your people. Once you have set up your reporting groups, you can record them against each person by going to their details.

Reporting Options

User Defined Fields

  • Used for location, branch, department, sorting payslips, multi-user security and sorting reports.
  • Only one User Defined field available.
  • Maintained on each person's main Personal Details page.

Reporting Groups

  • Used for Human Resources reporting, e.g. demographics, ethnicity, training, competencies, skills, etc.
  • Any number of different categories / tables can be set up.
  • Each category maintained on separate pages within each person's Personal Details.

Reporting Groups are often used for Human Resource related reporting. For example they could be used for these purposes:-

  • Demographic Information such as Ethnicity, Nationality or Iwi
  • Training Courses Attended
  • Skills or Competencies
  • Type of Collective Employment Agreement or Union membership

When you set up a new category of Reporting Groups, a new report is automatically created on your Personal Reports.

You can view and change your own Reporting Groups. You can then record them against each person on your Current People.

Benefits of Reporting Groups

The power of Reporting Groups is that you can define exactly what information is recorded on Personal Files. Only reporting groups that you have previously set up can be used.

This information is then an ideal basis for reporting, as the details on your staff's personal files are consistent.

Special Reporting Groups

Special pre-defined Reporting Groups have additional fields to let you manage extra information.