Annual Leave Adjustment


The Annual Leave Adjustment transaction lets you make manual adjustments to a person's Annual Leave balance.

This is entered to record a person's Opening Leave Balances. It can also be used on a timesheet to make manual adjustments to correct a person's balance.

Note: If a person has left and still has an outstanding annual leave balance, this transaction can be used to remove that balance to tidy up your records.

Entering an Opening Annual Leave Balance

Depending on how you manage your Annual Leave, you can enter as much or as little information as you require.

1. If you don't want to record any Annual Leave Entitlements Don't enter any Opening Balance. (You can still record leave taken, if you want).
2. Annual Leave is always paid at the person's normal rate (i.e. no holiday pay) Enter the Opening Balance hours. The As At Date will be the last day on your old payroll system.
3. You have an outstanding Annual Leave Liability in dollars and hours Enter the appropriate annual leave pay rate (divide the liability by the hours) into the Average Rate field (see below).
4. You have a number of different Annual Leave pay rates, for outstanding balances going back several years. Enter each outstanding balance and rate into the Balance Outstanding and Average Rate fields. The As At Dates will be the anniversary dates for each old leave year that has an outstanding opening balance to load.

To enter the appropriate information:

  1. Go to the person's Leave Balance page.
  2. Select the Opening Balances link.
  3. Enter the As At Date, select AL-ADJ and enter the Opening Balance (in hours).
  4. Press the Add button.
  5. If a second page comes up, enter any additional details as required, and press the Save Changes button.

Adjusting Annual Leave Balance

You can also enter an AL-ADJ transaction on a person's timesheet to alter their annual leave balances. The can be used to:-

  1. Correct an error in the person's balance.
  2. 'Wipe' the outstanding balance of a person who has left (without making any payment to them).


For example, see MATTHEWS, John William in Outback Ventures (Demo):

Opening Leave Balances for MATTHEWS, John William

Current Pay Rate:$16.0000
Est. Daily Rate $121.6000
As at Date Leave Type Hours  Days Rate Amount

Current Leave Balances

Leave Type  Tip  Outstanding
Accrued less
Balance  History
    Annual Leave 485.23 55.54 342.00 198.77  History...
    Lieu Leave - - - 0.00  History...
    Long Service Leave 329.31 98.94 - 428.25  History...
    Sick Leave days 40.00d - - 40.00d  History...
    Compassionate Leave - - - 0.00  History...
    RDO Leave - - - 0.00  History...
    Unpaid Leave - - - 0.00  History...



  • Start Date for John William is 13-Jun-2001.
  • Sick Leave, Bereavement Leave and Alternative Holiday balances are recorded in days. All other leave balances are in hours.
  • You can enter multiple Annual Leave entries, one for each old leave year.
  • View the Opening Leave Balances Report for details on all people.
  • See Setting Up Leave for more information.