GST Invoices/Remittances


The GST payment code can be used to pay GST registered people, and produce payment remittance advices or buyer created tax invoices (instead of payslips).

Follow these steps to pay a GST registered person and produce a remittance/invoice:-

  1. Set the persons Tax Code to None on their Personal File.
  2. Add a GST payment to their Standard Timesheet.
  3. Select the GST transaction and choose the appropriate payslip format (Payment Remittance or Buyer Created Tax Invoice).
  4. Enter payments on their Timesheet or Standard Timesheet (in the same way as standard employees).

The person's payslip will now be displayed in the selected format, which includes the extra details required for Tax Invoice purposes.


  1. The payments must be for the GST exclusive amount.
  2. If you wish to pay a GST inclusive amount, you must calculate the GST exclusive amount and enter that instead.
  3. If you have any GST Exempt / Zero Rated payments to make, they can be entered as Non-Taxable payments. (Only taxable payments are included in the GST calculation).