Job 2


Job 2 (J2) can be entered on peoples timesheets to pay time worked at the person's Rate 2. This is usually used when people's employment contracts specify a special rate payable for specific duties (not overtime - See R2 - Overtime (Rate 2)).

To set up a fixed secondary rate against a person, go to their personal details, scroll down to the 'Pay Rates' section, press the 'More >>' button, and enter the appropriate rate.

For example, Press the 'More >>' button to see additional rates for MATTHEWS, John William in Outback Ventures (Demo):-
HelpPay Rates
Pay Rate
F.T. Tip  Hrs/Week
Rate 2
Rate 3
Rate 4
Rate 5
Extra Rate

Also see T1 - Ordinary Time, R2 - Overtime (Rate 2),

Note: J2 is set up so that it reports as Ordinary Time in the payroll reports. R2 has a similar set up, except it reports as Overtime Worked.

Rate 3, Rate 4 and Rate 5

These additional rates are also available. However we have not set up any standard payments to calculate using these rates (simply because most organisations won't need them).

If you want to use Rate 3, Rate 4, and / or Rate 5, you will need to set up a special payment