Sick Entitlement


The SICK-ENT transaction is a standard leave type that provides some simple sick leave entitlement rules, suitable for many organisations.

This entitlement provides for 5 days per annum sick leave, given six months after a person starts. A new entitlement of 5 days is given each year.

Note: If you have different entitlement rules, you can set up your own special leave entitlement codes and enter those against your people, instead of using the standard SICK-ENT code.

Anniversary Rollover

On a leave anniversary, a rollover occurs. Any unused leave is discarded and a new entitlement is given.

Example (with Links)

For example, in Outback Ventures (Demo), John William Matthews has SICK-ENT on his Standard Timesheet.
  1. Every pay, this is copied into his timesheet. (A rollover will only occur if this transaction is present).
  2. When he reaches a leave anniversary, a rollover occurs. He is given his 5 days entitlement, and any unused balance is discarded. (Leave Balances are updated).
  3. The anniversary is recorded on both his Detailed Sick Leave Balances and his Leave History. Note: Any unused balance that is discarded will be clearly noted on these pages.