Sample Company - Outback Ventures (Demo)

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John Matthews owns Outback Ventures (Demo) - a family business based near Borroloola that provides fishing expeditions (barramundi) to anglers.

He is very busy managing both his staff and business. He has chosen CloudPayroll® to do his payroll - he loves spending time out fishing with his customers, and doesn't want to spend his valuable time with hassles like his weekly payroll.

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Each week, John goes to his Home Page at CloudPayroll® and starts a new payroll. Straight away he can enter timesheets for his staff.
His timesheet entry doesn't take long at all because he's set up some recurring transactions that do most of the work for him each week.
A picture of a Barramundi He enjoys being able to see payslips straight away, without running a 'pay run' first. It almost makes the payroll reports unnecessary, but they are so easy to understand - he just follows the links in the reports when he needs to get more details.

John used to worry about all his company superannuation payments, but nowCloudPayroll® does it all for him.

John used to use Internet Banking to send the payroll payment to CloudPayroll®, but recently he's changed to a direct debit - it's even more convenient.

The job's finished now, and John is heading off for a spot of fishing. While he's doing that, why don't you explore some more on your own, or register your own payroll and try CloudPayroll® for yourself.

*Details have been changed, to protect our customers confidential payroll information.