1.Select a report.    2.Then choose an option to publish it.
  Print  Excel  Costing Chart  Bar Chart of Gross Payments charged to Cost Centres
  Print  Excel  Costing Details  Payments charged to Cost Centre for each Person
  Print  Excel  Costing Summary  Summary of Total Payment charged to each Cost Centre
  Print  Excel  Costing Summary by Element  Table of all charges to each Cost Centre by Pay Element
  Print  Excel  Costing Transactions  Detailed List of all charges to each Cost Centre
  Print  Excel  General Ledger Postings  Accounting Transactions for posting into a Financials package
  Print  Excel  Individual GL Transactions  Detailed List of all transactions for a GL Account
  Print  Excel  Tax Invoice  Tax Invoice for a Payroll
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  • print Select a Printer to go directly to the Printer Friendly version of a report.
  • print Select a Spreadsheet to open a report in Microsoft Excel.