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Direct Entry Credit User - Bureau Pack


Direct Credit User - Bureau Form To be completed by each Customer wishing to:
New Facility Amend Facility Delete Facility  
Before completing the form, Customers should read the sections titled "Privacy Statement" and "Acknowledgements" below.

Customer Details
User ID (Existing Direct Entry customers only)  
Service No. (existing only)  
*Full legal name
*Full business address
*Mailing address (if different from business address)
*ABN *Business fax number *Business e-mail address

In case the Bank needs to contact the customer in relation to its Direct Entry file processing, please provide the following details:
*Decision Maker (e.g. Financial Controller)
*Title *Name *Position *Contact phone number
*Operator (e.g. Payroll/Accounts Officer)
*Title *Name *Position *Contact phone number
*After Hours
*Title *Name *Position *Contact phone number

Privacy Statement The personal information that the Bank collects on this form will be used by the Bank to provide the Customer with the Direct Entry Service. This information may be disclosed to other members of the Westpac Group (which means Westpac Banking Corporation and its related bodies corporate which include Westpac General Insurance Limited, Westpac Financial Services Limited), service providers who do things on our behalf (e.g. mailing house) or to other third parties where it is required or allowed by law or where the individual has otherwise consented. Personal information that the Bank has collected may be accessed, if the Bank has retained it, by telephoning 132 032.

Acknowledgment The Customer acknowledges that if it has provided information about individuals, such as employees, in this form it will advise them that it has supplied their information to the Bank and made them aware of the information provided in the above Privacy Statement.

Facility Details ^Type of service required (tick / all applicable)
Payroll Creditor   Self balancing GDES (government only)
*^Name of Bureau *Contact name at Bureau
*Address of the Bureau
*Email address of Bureau *Contact phone number
*Name of the bank your Bureau will lodge with
Does Bureau lodge with Westpac: if yes (tick / one) Corporate Online  Direct Link  Qvalent  WIBS
Merchant ID (credit card payments) >Merchant ID number 
*Account to be debited with the value of the Direct Entry Files (the "Nominated Account")
 Note If an account is part of a Debit and Interest set off arrangement, DE will only look at the available funds in the nominated account. For segment accounts, funds must be cleared & available in the nominated account before (same day) the file is sent.
*BSB (drawing account)*Account number
*BSB (fee account)*Account number

User Preferred Specification (UPS Name)
Is this a new customer or do you need to change the UPS Name   Yes No
If 'No' proceed to Limit Details
*Name to be used to identify the Customer's File (i.e. the UPS (User Preferred Specification))
sample-au Outback Ventures
(e.g. JOHN SMITH PAYROLL) Max 26 characters - one character per box - spaces acceptable

Limit Details *Type of request (please select only 1 option below)
New Direct Entry Service Complete Section 1 or 2
Increase existing Direct Entry Limit Complete Section 1 or 2
Decrease in existing Direct Entry Limit Complete Section 1 or 2
Switch existing Limit from TNA to TAC Complete Section 1 only
Switch existing Limit from TAC to TNA Complete Section 2 only

Section 1 - *For Westpac drawing account ONLY*
Transaction Activity Cap (TAC)
(Non-credit limit)
  Limit required per File
The Customer acknowledges that Westpac is not obliged to process any transaction contained in a Direct Entry file which would cause the total of all such transactions processed to exceed the TAC.
Section 2
Transaction Negotiated Authority (TNA)
(Credit limit requires Westpac Credit Approval)
  Limit required
Per day Per fortnight Every two months Half yearly
Per week Per month Per quarter Yearly
The customer authorises Westpac to accept, (or, if another Financial Institution is nominated above, authorise that institution to accept) from the Customer or its nominated bureau, files which include credit items on behalf of the Customer and to act on such items to the value of the processing limit, limit frequency and period specified and draw on the Nominated Account for the total value of those items (and in the case of the other institution, its charges) without the need, in any case, to ascertain whether there are sufficient clear or available funds in the Nominated Account.

Direct Credit User Application Credit User Application TO: Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141, ('user FI') and to Participating member and Appointer (as those expressions are defined in the regulations of the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (CS2)) which from time to time participates in the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (CS2) ('BECS')

Name (Credit User) ABN

HEREBY APPLIES to become a Credit User in BECS from time to time operated by the Participating Members (which include the User FI).

The Credit User HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGES that the User FI is at liberty to accept or decline this Credit User Application. If the Credit User Application is accepted by the User FI and any financial institution thereafter accepts and acts on instructions given by the Credit User in connection with BECS by use of that financial institution’s BSB Number, the Credit User AGREES that in consideration thereof, subject to any warranties implied by statute into a contract for the supply of services between the User FI and the Credit User which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified by a term of the contract, it shall become bound to each such financial institution in the following manner:
  1. The Credit User shall comply with all the obligations of a Credit User of BECS as advised by the User FI and any amendment, modification or replacement thereof from time to time issued by the User FI or by any other participating Member or Appointer which may hereafter become the User FI in respect of the Credit User.
  2. The Credit User shall obtain from every customer of a financial institution whose account the Credit User wishes to instruct that financial institution to credit through BECS, the correct title and account number of that customer’s account, and shall correctly include such particulars in the acceptable media containing the Credit User’s instructions.
  3. The Credit User hereby agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified each Participating Member and Appointer, which from time to time participates in BECS, from and against all losses, outgoings, demands, damages, actions, suits and proceedings whatsoever, arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with any failure by the Credit User, or a bureau acting for the Credit User, to observe any obligations of a Credit User in respect of BECS.
  4. If the Credit User with the prior written approval of the User FI engages a Bureau to prepare and/or lodge acceptable media by which the Credit User’s instructions are given to a financial institution, the Credit User’s obligations will not be in any way affected by its engagement of a Bureau or the User FI’s approval thereto.
  5. The performance of the Credit User’s obligations in respect of BECS may be enforced by any Participating Member or Appointer which from time to time participates in BECS or by the User FI on behalf of any of them.
  6. The termination by Participating Member of Appointer of the direct credit arrangements between the Credit User and that financial institution will not affect the Credit User’s obligations in respect of BECS to each Participating Member or Appointer which from time to time participates in BECS.
  7. All implied conditions and warranties (statutory or otherwise) except for warranties or conditions implied by law upon the User FI which are not capable of being excluded and hereby excluded from the agreement between the Credit User and the User FI in respect of BECS and save as aforesaid there are no understandings, agreements, representations, conditions or warranties expressed or impliedly given by the User FI, not specified herein, which relates to BECS or the services to be provided by the User FI or any Participating Member or Appointer pursuant to BECS.
  8. The Credit User acknowledges that:
    • All Credit items received by a Ledger FI will be processed in accordance with BECS Procedures;
    • A Ledger FI is entitled to rely solely on the Account Number Details provided by the Credit User when processing Credit Items received from the Credit User;
    • A Ledger FI is not required to check that the Account Number Details provided by the Credit User are correct or that the account name provided by the Credit User corresponds with the name of the holder of the account maintained by the Ledger FI; and
    • The Credit User shall not be entitled to make a claim against the User FI or any Participating FI (Including the Ledger FI) if the Credit Item has been processed in accordance with the Account Number Details provided by the Credit User
    (Note: for the purpose of this clause, Account Number Details means the BSB number and the account number or, in the case of a Ledger FI which has a unique account numbers system, the account number only).
  9. The Credit User certifies that the foregoing undertakings are within the powers of the Credit User to give.
  10. All capitalised terms used in this Credit User Application have the same meaning as in the BECS Procedures or the BECS Regulations unless otherwise defined in this Credit User Application.
  11. All clause references are references to this Credit User Application unless stated otherwise.

Undertakings applicable to both TAC and TNA Limits The Customer;

Code of Banking Practice This clause will apply only where the Credit User is a 'small business' as defined in the Code of Banking Practice 2003 (the 'Code'):
  1. The relevant provisions of the Code apply to the banking service governed by this Credit User Application;
  2. The general descriptive information referred to in clauses 13.1 and 13.2 of the Code is set out in the relevant Account Product Disclosure Statement booklet which will in most cases be the 'Deposit Account For Business Customers: Product Disclosure Statement for using your account (2003)' or the 'Corporate Transactional Accounts for Corporate Customers: Product Disclosure Statement (2003)' (Product Disclosure Statement);
  3. The Product Disclosure Statement contains information about:
    • Account opening procedures;
    • Westpac’s obligations regarding the confidentiality of the Credit User’s information;
    • Complaint handling procedures
    • Bank cheques;
    • The advisability of the Credit User informing us promptly when it is in financial difficulty; and
    • The advisability of the Credit User reading the terms and conditions applying to the relevant banking service.
  4. The User FI will provide to the Credit User the Terms and Conditions referred to in 3 b) at the Credit User’s request.
  5. If the User FI wishes to introduce a new fee or charge under this Credit User Application (not a variation to an existing fee or charge), the User FI will give the Credit User at least 30 days written notice.
  6. If the User FI wishes to vary an existing fee, the User FI will provide the Credit User with written notice of the variation no later than the day on which the variation will take effect.

Customer Signature We acknowledge and confirm information provided with the credit user form and the credit user application.
*Signed for and on behalf of *ABN *Date
* By Name of representative *Title (e.g. Director/Secretary) Signature
* And: Name of Representative *Title (e.g. Director/Secretary) Signature

BANK USE ONLY (Mandatory) I confirm that the applicant's Signatures have been authenticated and are duly authorised.
*Prepared by: Westpac Contact Name   WIB Business Banking     Bank Stamp
*Westpac Contact e-mail address for copy of customer letter CIS Key
*Signature Date *Contact phone number
REMINDER: You are required to complete the Customer Administration Form for all NEW Customers or when you are making an amendment to the Fee Account.
Are you required to complete the Customer Administration Form?   Yes No
*If 'YES', please provide your CAF reference number  
*Checked by *Signature *Date Bank Stamp
*Authorised by *Signature *Date Bank Stamp

Direct Entry Bureau Transaction Negotiation Authority (Multi-purpose)
DIRECT ENTRY Operations sends: →  One copy to Lodgement FI (Direct Entry Point)
Second copy to the Bureau and
Third copy to the User FI
*Have the Lodgement Financial Institutions Details Changed?   Yes No



In accordance with the details in the schedule below, you are hereby authorised to accept from the User or its nominated Bureau, files, which include Direct Credit items on behalf of the User, and to act on such items to the value of the processing limit, limit frequency and period specified or to such other processing limit and/or period as we may from time to time advise and (subject, where relevant, to your approval) to also draw on the account nominated for the total value of those items plus any charges as may be applied by you.

In consideration of your accepting such files and acting on the items contained therein as aforesaid, we hereby agree to accept all drawings initiated by you pursuant to and/or arising under this authority.

Notwithstanding the period stated this authority may be terminated at any time by yourselves or ourselves by giving written notice but without prejudice to liabilities, if any, incurred or arising hereunder prior to the date of such written notice.

Transaction Negotiation Authority *User name
*User ID (completed by Direct Entry Operations) Bureau Name
*Account name nominated for drawings
*BSB *Account Number
*Processing limit (non cumulative) *Amount in words
TNA limit required
 per Day Week Fortnight Month Two months
Quarter Half year Year UNTIL Until further notice

User Financial Institution Authorisation From
*Prepared by *Signature *Date Bank Stamp
The below person is confirming that all the information stated is correct and the the limit availability is checked through Hogan.
*Checked by *Signature *Date Bank Stamp
*Authorised by *Signature *Date Bank Stamp

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