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Application for Direct Entry Transaction Negotiation Authority (TNA)

The Manager,
Bank of Queensland, Borroloola Branch Date: 11-Feb-2016
Northern Territory
ATTN: Donna Harpur
Fax: 1234-5679

Dear Sir/Madam

re: BSB / Account No:123456 / 987654

We hereby request you to establish a Direct Credit Transaction Negotiation Authority, in favour of CloudPayroll Pty Limited, authorising the below named Bank to accept payment instructions lodged by the below named Bureau, which include direct credit entries on our behalf, and to act on items (identified by the User Identification number you assign to us) to the value of the processing limit, limit frequency and period specified.
In consideration of granting this request you are hereby authorised to debit our nominated account for the value of these transactions, establishment fees and associated processing charges including charges imposed by the Bureau’s Bank. We acknowledge that Bank of Queensland may in its discretion give priority to drawings under the authority over any cheques or other mandate or authority drawn or given now or in the future.
Notwithstanding the period stated in the Authority, this facility may be reviewed at anytime by Bank of Queensland and may be terminated by either party upon written notice but without prejudice to liabilities, if any, incurred hereunder prior to the date of receipt of such notice.
Amount:      $1,500.01
Frequency: Weekly  non-cumulative.

Company Name (User name) User Id. number
(Bank of Queensland to allocate unless specified)
Bureau Name (lodging party) Contact name and details (phone and/or email)
Sponsor BankProcessing Bank
Contact name and details (phone and/or email)
Nominated Accounts
Name of account to be debited for payments BSB no. Account no.
Name of Account to be debited for charges BSB no. Account no.

Yours faithfully

Outback Ventures Pty Ltd
(Name of Organisation)

(Name of Signatories)

(Authorised Signatures)


CloudPayroll Pty Ltd
Level 1
1 Queens Road
Melbourne, VIC 3004

CloudPayroll Pty Limited BSB / Account 033002 / 381768 (360 Collins Street)
ABN 68 146 118 390

Print this Report, sign and then email, fax or post it to us.