1. Enter Account Codes
Payroll Clearing
Bank Account Bank Account
Tax Account Tax Deductions
Super Account Payroll Tax Deductions
Cheque Account Cheque Pays
Cash Account Cash Pays
Employer Super Contributions (ESC)
- DR: ESC Gross  Tip  Salaries
- CR: ESC Nett - Deduction Cost Centre
- CR: ESC Tax Withholding Tax Paid
Overpayments Clearing Overpayments Clearing A/c
Cash Roundings Clearing Cash Pay Rounding
Post Leave Provision  Tip 
Leave Provision
Post Tax Split  Tip 
Tax Split

3. Check Set up of your GL Accounting Transactions.



  1. These accounts are used for your GL Postings.
  2. Xero Users: To use Tracking Codes, enter the Account Code, Tracking Category and Tracking Code separated by spaces (eg. 477 Dept Admin).
  3. Xero Users: If your Xero account codes contain slashes (/), use commas (,) instead.
  4. To post Employer Superannuation Contributions to a person's home cost centre, leave that account code blank. Alternatively, enter a cost centre template e.g. ????XYZ
  5. To post ESC Tax to the same deduction cost centre as ESC Nett, leave that account code blank.
  6. To split the Debit of Gross Pay to each Cost Centre into separate Nett Pay and Tax Debits, select the Use Tax Split option and enter an Account Code (or template) for the tax split.
  7. See how to Set Up Account Codes.