Use this Accounting Transactions Overview to check your set up:-

Accounting Activity Debit Account Credit Account


EXP - Expenses Reimbursement 429 - General Expenses
GST - GST GST - GST Clearing
WET - Wet Weather gear 2000 - Office / Administration
All Other Payments from Person


All Other Leave from Person


Bank Schedule Deductions BANK - Bank Account
Tax Schedule Deductions 9000 - Tax Deductions
Cheque Schedule Deductions CHEQUE - Cheque Pays
Cash Schedule Deductions CASH - Cash Pays
PBA - Personal BSB / Account BANK - Bank Account
SC - Social Club 8000 - Internal Deductions
SUPER - Superannuation Contribution 477 ESC Tax 625
ESC Nett825 - Payroll Tax Deductions


Processing Fees Fees429 - General Expenses
GSTGST - GST Clearing
BANK - Bank Account
Overpayments OVER (from Payment code that was overpaid)
Cash Roundings  Tip  860


  1. See how to Set Up Account Codes.
  2. Review this in conjunction with your GL Postings Report.