Our principles
of data protection


At CloudPayroll, we take security and privacy very seriously and our systems are developed in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988. This means we collect, manage and share the minimum amount of personal information that we need to handle your payroll. Payroll information includes people’s names, salary, tax details, bank accounts and leave entitlements. Users of our Kiosk also have a username and password and any information needed for two-factor authentication.

iPayroll is a PAYE Intermediary

Our solution is safe

Disclosing information to others

We manage and store a range of organisational, financial, and personal information to process your payroll. We only disclose information when this is needed for the service or where you authorise us to do so (for example, transmitting direct credit files to the bank, sending your tax details to the ATO, sending payroll deduction schedules to deduction agencies). In rare situations, we might be required to disclose other information (for example, to comply with a warrant or other court order, or to support a criminal investigation). We will advise you if we get any request or order of this kind, provided that the law allows us to do so.

No other uses of information

Everything we do is on your behalf. We don’t use your information for our own purposes.

Giving people their own information

Employees can see their personal details, payslips and leave information through the Employee Kiosk. If they need more detailed information, or have questions, they will need to talk to you, their employer.

Checking information is right

We can only work with the information you give us – we can’t check whether its right. So, you will need to make sure that your payroll information is accurate, complete and up to date before you send it to us or input it into our system.

Safe, secure and available when you need it

We understand that payroll information is sensitive, and we take great care to keep it safe. Only people who genuinely need to see the information have access to it, both at our end and yours. For more details on how we keep information secure, check our security policy here.

In the unlikely event of a privacy breach, we will let you know as soon as we become aware of it. We will work with you to make sure the problem is fixed, and the right people can be notified.

We use cookies to help you log in

Cookies are small files containing user information that are stored on your computer. We use cookies to help you log in and use the application, but they only last until you log out, or your session expires. They can’t track other activities on your computer. We do not store any personal information in cookies or share the content of these cookies with third parties.

We use site access statistics to help us run our website

We collect statistics to monitor website usage, performance, security, and to measure improvements so that we can continue to enhance our services. However, none of this information is capable of identifying individual people.

Retaining information

We don’t keep information forever. We only keep it for as long as needed to provide your payroll services, or to comply with tax or financial services legislation. Detailed payroll information is stored for the current tax year and may be archived and removed from view after that time.


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