Double up
on security


Security is critical to us. To give you peace of mind on how we protect your data, we explain how:

  • Data is secure and available
  • Two-factor authentication provides extra protection
  • Accounts are always accessible
  • Your money is secure

Safe, secure and available when you need it

Data is secure and available

Multiple layers of security protect your data. We encrypt our internet traffic and data, we actively monitor access to clients’ data, and we regularly test our applications and keep our software up to date. We host servers, infrastructure, and storage at world-class data centres where strict physical security controls are certified to leading security standards.

Your data is always available and up to date. We continuously copy data to multiple data centres and make regular backups that are ready to be accessed if disaster strikes. So if the unthinkable happens, we can continue providing our service to you.

Two-factor authentication provides extra protection

Industry standard two-factor authentication (2FA) gives you and your organisation even more protection from fraudsters by requiring an extra identify confirmation at log in.


Accounts are always accessible

Because your account is completely in the cloud, you don't need to install any software or hardware. If your laptop is lost, stolen, or broken, simply log in from any device with an Internet connection and you are good to go. And, unlike traditional software, information is not stored locally so your payroll information remains safe if your device is stolen.

Your money is secure

We treat your money responsibly. Transaction Negotiation Authorities are approved by your own bank. Any funds held on your behalf are held in a separate Client Bank Account. We accept responsibility for all superannuation payments, including late fees (if applicable), if we are managing your superannuation.

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