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Streamline HR with payroll

Subscribe-HR is Australia’s only codeless HR platform. You can adapt Subscribe-HR to your HR automation needs quickly and cost effectively to save time and money by reducing double handling.

CloudPayroll’s integration with Subscribe-HR benefits your business by creating a custom ecosystem where your business solutions communicate seamlessly. The integration will increase efficiency by improving data accuracy, compliance, and integrity.


Seamless integration with Subscribe-HR

When using the integration this ensures many additions or changes made in Subscribe-HR will automatically be updated in CloudPayroll. This includes new employee details and current employee changes e.g. change of bank account details or address, and leave management, if required.

After each pay run the payslips can be made available in the Subscribe-HR portal for employees and the closing leave balances will be updated in Subscribe-HR.

The CloudPayroll to Subscribe-HR interface

Information is seamlessly shared between CloudPayroll and Subscribe-HR to achieve high-level data integrity. Information shared includes:

  1. Employee Masterfile including salary, bank account, address, and superannuation fund details
  2. Employee Leave Management including balances and leave requests
  3. Employee Payslips

Connect CloudPayroll with Subscribe-HR

It is easy to set up seamless integration between your CloudPayroll account and Subscribe-HR:

  • If you are already a client of both CloudPayroll and Subscribe-HR contact our knowledgeable Customer Support Team who will assist you with integrating the two systems.
  • If you are currently a CloudPayroll client but are not using Subscribe-HR then contact Subscribe-HR and they will assist in setting up a solution for you. During implementation they will ensure integration with CloudPayroll is set up by working with our Customer Support Team.
  • If you are a Subscribe-HR customer but not currently set up with CloudPayroll contact our Sales Team at for more information and a free demo. Our Implementation Team will then assist with setup, running parallel pay runs, ensuring the integration with Subscribe-HR is working and training your relevant payroll person/team.

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