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Count Quote

We have had the pleasure of using CloudPayroll's payroll platform for several years, and it's been an invaluable asset to our operations at Count North Sydney. Their specialisation in offering an optimal payroll processing platform, coupled with exceptional support services, has significantly streamlined our payroll management processes.

What sets CloudPayroll apart is their local support team. We cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism, friendliness, and expertise that their support staff consistently demonstrate. Whether we're dealing with routine queries or seeking guidance on more complex payroll matters, their team is always on hand to assist with efficiency and a deep understanding of their platform.

Given our positive experience, we have recommended CloudPayroll to our clients as well.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with CloudPayroll and cannot recommend them highly enough to any business seeking a dependable and efficient payroll solution.

SAFE Quote

SAFE Logistics has been with CloudPayroll for almost 2 years and in that time, we have built a great working relationship with their every friendly and reliable team. No question is hard or to simple and they are always ready to help. They have a genuine concern for our payroll needs and have implemented process to adapted to our requirements for the transport industry. I could not imagine having to go back to how we did payroll prior to CloudPayroll, the time that is saves our business and the reports that can pull from their system helps with controlling wage KPI’s. Their system is user friendly for our employees in gaining access to their payslips. I would highly recommend giving CloudPayroll a go.

Scott Grant-Woodford
SAFE, Yatala, QLD

Magic Memories Quote

I really like processing our payroll with CloudPayroll, I found CloudPayroll very intuitive. The processing of payroll is very clear with 4 simple steps; it’s so easy to view all the data I need, and everything is in one place. The support team are very helpful, it is fantastic to be able to speak to someone when I need to. Every support member has been able to address and answer the questions I have had, across the whole payroll offering – their knowledge is incredible. CloudPayroll keeps abreast of all the changes in legislation across all states and regions, so we have peace of mind. Also, I’ll say it again the support team are great!

Countplus One Quote

The implementation process was handled seamlessly. The information provided by us to CloudPayroll was inputted without any errors and in a timely manner as we launched the test pay run at year end and our comparative data matched perfectly. Processing our payroll through CloudPayroll is simple and easy. The support team are amazing and well informed. CloudPayroll provides an easy payroll platform, friendly staff and makes payroll hassle free.

First Focus Quote

It was delightful to have CloudPayroll come and train me on how to use the system, I learnt a lot and it was very helpful to me when I just started my payroll position. Overall, it was very easy to understand and process the payroll, I love the payroll hours and payroll variation reports, and the ability to compare two recent payslips. Those really help reduce the potential errors. I am happy with the support team, they have helped me add users and during setup. CloudPayroll is user friendly, easy to get hands on with payroll tasks for SMEs and provides quick responses on the help desk and is very supportive in providing trainings.

Castlemaine District Quote

The transition from a paper system to CloudPayroll has been a much easier and efficient process than expected.

The support has also been outstanding, quick and responsive to cope with the unique complexity of Community Health EBA’s. The system is quite adaptive with extensive reporting availability which has made monthly & year end processes easier and quicker. Staff have fully embraced the system.

I have received positive feedback from many of the staff including a staff member working offsite who has said: “l will admit the new system has been more efficient for me rather than filling out manual weekly time sheets when my work and physical location did not allow for this approach to be practical and efficient, so far l think the new system has worked well”.


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