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Most common questions

How secure is CloudPayroll?

You can have every confidence in CloudPayroll’s integrity, security, and privacy. Our multiple server locations are monitored 24/7 and our system is equipped with full disaster recovery capabilities. For more information, see our Security page.

What other systems have an integration with CloudPayroll?

CloudPayroll is used with many systems in different industries. View all our integrations here.

Is CloudPayroll Single Touch Payroll (STP) compliant?

Yes, visit our STP page find out more.

What HR does your system offer?

You can set up a variety of HR reports and custom fields, such as training, performance reviews, certificates, and licence expiries. You can also upload photos and documents to an employee’s file for secure storage and access. Best of all, these convenient features do not cost anything extra.

How do I get started with CloudPayroll?

Getting started is easy. Either fill in this form to request a callback or email, then we can get things underway for you.

Can I process JobKeeper Payments in CloudPayroll?

Yes. If you are an existing client please refer to help articles or contact our support team on If you are not an existing client please email our sales team or alternatively call us on one of the numbers at the bottom of our website, and one of our knowledgable team members will talk you through the process.

Does CloudPayroll link with Xero?

Yes, CloudPayroll has seamless integration with Xero. Our enhanced services include generating Accounts Payable invoices called ‘Bills’ in Xero that contain your Xero accounts and your Xero tracking categories (if used). For more information on our seamless Xero integration please click here.

What business sizes are suitable for CloudPayroll?

CloudPayroll suits all size of business; from MICRO employers with up to 4 employees, to premium businesses up to 100 employees, and for enterprise business with several hundred employees. It is widely used by many industries, groups, and franchises.

Does CloudPayroll use two-factor authentication (2FA)?

CloudPayroll introduced 2FA in 2017. It is compulsory and automatically enabled for all clients.

What ongoing help/support do I get?

Enjoy an easy set-up process with thorough training. We follow this up with free ongoing support via phone and email for premium and enterprise clients. We also provide on-line help manuals for all clients including MICRO clients. Our friendly and knowledgeable support team will be there to help with any queries, so you can manage your payroll confidently. And we constantly review and update our software to ensure we incorporate any changes to legislation, statutory holidays, or other issues.

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